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I bought one of your twin tail wands for my big, big Manx about 5 years ago. He destroyed everything under the sun. But not that wand. It was his favorite - he tore and kicked and grappled with it right up until the end. I kept the toy, as I think many sentimental pet owners do, to remember him. Months later I rescued a badly wounded one eyed stray. Skin and bones but full of energy. He dug out that old wand. He loves it. He rejects almost all toys but loves this wand. It has knots and is threadbare, and I have no reason to believe will finally break anytime soon, but I thought tonight gosh, I hope I can find another when I do need it. It IS five years old and destroyed so who knows really. I looked carefully and found the last traces of your name, posh feline, on the gold end cap and was elated. I looked you up, the same toy is made. I intend to order as much as I can so I'm literally stocked up forever. Your toy made them happier than hundreds and hundreds of dollars of others, and we want to be sure our little house is stocked. Thank you for giving my two boys so much fun, and for letting me pass down an heirloom.